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Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Public Art |

Jim Gallucci, Light Towers

Jim Gallucci, Light Towers

Jim Gallucci is a graduate of LeMoyne College and Syracuse University and has been a sculptor for more than 30 years. He has taught art courses at institutions including The University of North Carolina Greensboro, and currently designs and fabricates commissioned art for public, corporate and residential spaces nationwide at his Greensboro studio.

Festooned with 7,500 oak leaves evoking the City of Oaks, Jim Gallucci’s four 55-foot-tall stainless steel and LED Light Towers delineate City Plaza’s public space and serve as welcoming beacons to visitors. In addition to housing utilitarian light and electrical boxes, the Light Towers animate a dramatic setting for downtown events including festivals and concerts.


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The towers really create kind of an interesting dual presence. During the day they are really reflective and as the day sets that sun gets a little richer on it more golden color, you know at night when they light up it becomes a whole other fantasy as far as it gives it a whole other world of its own and that’s what makes the plaza so successful.

I wanted to design the towers in some way that they kind of gave that sense of gateway. Um if you feel that walking through then we’ve been pretty successful. It also gives something to look down the street to and and look forward to and to direct your attention, and um even though you got you know what thirty story buildings next to it they hold a presence of their own and they feel comfortable in that space. Not too big and not to small either.

It was a big project and it may have been 2.2 million but it happened at a time when the economy just crashed. Raleigh went ahead with doing this and now they have one of the best plazas in the state. They are now rolling towards a great economy a great place to live and this in probably contributing to that. If you want to say the power of the art and how it can change a place and change an attitude this is it.

My name is Jim Gallucci, sculpture in Greensboro North Carolina, been making work ever since.